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A rare tender moment caught in this photo among a College Football Referee Crew

Charlotte, NC- Just moments before a game last year this photo captured the human side of College Football Referees. The crew’s head official asked his crew “Who wants to go for ice-cream after the game”. As you can see just about the entire group raised their hands with joy, laughter and excitement.

It’s easy to forget that College Football Referees are people too. Many are mechanics, hair-dressers, grass-cutters, fathers, distant cousins, step grandfathers, hunters, welders, tugboat captains, dancers, librarians, butchers, teachers, Uber drivers, truck drivers, under cover private detectives, CEO’s, short order cooks, husbands, ex-husbands, Scuba divers and exterminators just to name a few. So the next time you think about screaming at a ref for a bad call, just remember this picture and keep in mind how happy they were to get ice-cream after this game before you yell expletives at these hard working fellows, it might just make you think twice.

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