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Alabama Wide Receivers are tired of being treated like toddlers

Tuscaloosa,Ala.- Several Alabama Wide receivers have expressed displeasure and embarrassment about being lifted into the air like a small child by members of their own offensive line after each touchdown they scored last year.

A report late Thursday said that a players only meeting was held this week between wide receivers and lineman. One Bama starting receiver said ” It’s embarrassing that every time I score a  damn touchdown, I get picked up by one of those big fat O-line guys like I’m a toddler or something. I get it, they are excited that we scored but this picking us up over their heads and saying how good we did each time is just whacked out and it has to stop in 2019. I’m not ten months old”. We reached out to both Coach Saban and former Alabama QB Joe Namath for comments but neither returned our calls.

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