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BREAKING NEWS: SEC to consider 36 team expansion while renaming conference to “The Nifty Fifty”

Birmingham, Ala.- The SEC is considering a gigantic expansion which could make it the largest in College Football history. An anonymous source said late Tuesday the SEC could possibly be adding an additional 36 teams to the conference and could be changing the name from S.E.C. to “The Nifty Fifty” to reflect the number of teams in the newly aligned conference.

The source went on to say that The Nifty Fifty would be divided into six different divisions which would include six teams each. Those divisions would be the Nifty Fifty East, West, South, Southeast, Southwest, Gulf South and Texas to go along with the current 14 teams in the East and West. Some schools rumored to be interested in joining the new conference include Hawaii, Dartmouth, Rhode Island, Southern Vermont and Clemson. This is a developing story and we’ll have updates as they become available.

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