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Former Tennessee Coach Butch Jones fights Mountain Lion to save a dog named Clarance

Santa Monica, CA- Butch Jones was on a family camping trip near the Santa Monica Mountains recently, when a 190lb Mountain Lion charged into the campsite, on the verge of attacking a family members thirteen year old Golden Retriever named Clarence.

The former Tennessee Volunteers head coach raced to the edge of the camp site where the incident was taking place. Jones tackled the Mountain Lion and fought with the animal for over thirty two minutes while on-lookers watched in horror until Park Rangers arrived.

The Lion was shot with a tranquilizer gun and taken to a detention facility for observation. Upon a medical examination the lion was determined to be missing a canine tooth, had a contusion to it’s left ear and exhibited puffiness to it’s right eye from the altercation. The lion was a known bully according to one Ranger who called him a thug and only cared about one thing and that was attacking dogs.

Jones had scratches to both arms, ripped pants and lost a shoe in the incident. Witnesses say Jones delivered a barrage of punches and Karate type kicks to the lion’s face and ears. He refused medical treatment at the scene.

The dog was un-harmed in the attempted attack.

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