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So what’s up with Armed Guards and German Shepherds on the sidelines?

Birmingham, AL- As player safety continues to be a major concern, it was announced last week that yet another new targeting rule will be implemented for the 2019 Season.

Any player that is ejected from the game for a Targeting Foul, will now be ejected and escorted from the field in handcuffs by armed Targeting Agents and K-9 Police dogs.

“Safety is still our number one concern for our student athletes, but a simple ejection does not seem to be enough” said Raymond Edmonds of the CSC.

“We feel that armed uniformed agents along with handcuffs and the help of mean Police Dogs should help make a player think twice before delivering a helmet to helmet blow to a defenseless player that could possibly send that player for an ambulance ride to the ER” Edmonds siad. reached out to several Coaches for reaction but only received a response from one.

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