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Texas band and mascot will have to sit outside Tiger Stadium next year for the LSU-Texas game.

Baton Rouge- The hot topic this week after LSU’s thrilling victory at Texas was the no AC in the visiting locker room controversy and the fact that The LSU band was required to sit in the upper deck of DKR Stadium.

It was announced late Thursday that for next year’s match up in Baton Rouge the Texas band will be located outside of Tiger stadium during the game. A spokesman said  “the Texas band will most likely be located in one of the parking areas and will be provided  with a 50 inch high definition flat screen TV so they can view the game and will have access to discounted refreshments ” The spokesman went on to say that the popular Texas mascot, which is a cow named “Beavo” will not be allowed into to Tiger Stadium due to insurance concerns however  plans could be made for the animal to share quarters with LSU’s mascot “Mike” The Tiger in his habitat during the game” the spokesman said. Texas travels to LSU next year on Saturday September 12 which just so happens to be Yao Ming’s birthday who ironically played for Texas based NBA Basketball team the Houston Rockets.

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