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West Virginia Cheerleader outran every single one of them

Morgantown, WV (FP)- It started out as a bet but ended up in a controversial competition.

An un-named West Virginia cheerleader guaranteed she could outrun the entire Mountaineers football team in a foot race. The race was set up by an on campus Fraternity without the knowledge of any school faculty or football staff.

The bet stated that each player must run the race in full football uniforms including helmets. The cheerleader was to also be in full uniform while holding pom poms. Some 28 players agreed to the secret race in front of over 2,000 students who were on hand to witness the event.

The cheerleader won the race easily by over 15 yards to the amazement of onlookers.Several members of the football team later chipped in to buy her a gift card to Sonic Drive-In for her outstanding performance.

This photo captured the cheerleader winning the race.

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