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Tow truck guy who won a mega lottery wants to blow it all on this

New Orleans, LA- The Louisiana Superdome officially became the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in 2011 when the German Auto maker bought the naming rights to the massive stadium. However, a new potential sponsor has emerged; one who is willing to put up major dollars to have the new naming rights to the Superdome. His name is Lonnie Tyler.

Tyler is the 62 year old owner of Lil Lonnie’s Towing and Mowing, a tow truck company that also does grass cutting services. Tyler, a Louisiana resident, wants the naming rights so bad that he’s willing to pay a whopping 600 million dollars.

Tyler recently won  a mega lottery jackpot from a ticket he purchased last year in Florida. He walked away with 602 million dollars after taxes. He wants to spend every bit to have his company’s name on one of the most iconic sports venues in the world. If Tyler has his way, the new name would be The Lil Lonnie’s Towing and Mowing  Service Superdome.

We reached out to Louisiana State officials who said so far, they have not met with Tyler.

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